Monday 1 May 2017

Hunger Strike Statement from Communist Society.

We are merely a few days into what has proved already to be a grueling endeavor- both physically and mentally. Yet for the Palestinian prisoners two weeks into their hunger strike, one can only begin to imagine the torment, yet bravery they are experiencing. Faced with enslavement under the toxicity of Zionism, hundreds of Comrades, from all factions of Palestinian resistance have lit a fuse for the rest of the world when darkness threatens to engulf us. It is a fuse that we believe must be seized upon, and utilised to spark a greater flame.

Who are we?

Edinburgh University's first ever Marxist Leninist organisation and the strongest voice for Palestine and its people on the campus. Though the university is dominated by right wing politics, with a strong Zionist presence (who rely on the Israeli embassy for assistance) we have refused to succumb to pressure.
Our activism is based around three elements:
1.    Domestic issues (e.g. helping the homeless in Edinburgh)
2.    National issues (e.g. fighting austerity in Scotland and the UK)
3.    International issues (e.g. holding fundraisers for Palestinian prisoners)
Last month we held a stall which saw us raise over £100 for Palestinian charities. We had planned to hold a week long list of events for 'Israeli Apartheid Week', but sadly the influence of the Zionists once again proved too powerful, as the event was cancelled by the University, though not after Zionists boasted on social media of how helpful the Embassy could be.
We are committed to socialist revolution, and much like Communists in past eras, we always have, and always will stand by the Palestinians. We are planning to find an exchange trip for Palestinian students for over the course of the next academic year.

Why the hunger strike?

It has been a potent tactic of the far left for decades. As committed Irish republicans, we often look to the socialist martyrs of 1981, and the sacrifice they made. We know, that occupying a building, or holding a strike will only achieve so much- but by putting our bodies through the potential dangers of a hunger strike, we are hoping people will realise just how committed we are to Palestine. There have been attempts, through protests, and through bills at the university to adopt BDS, yet the might of the embassy proved too much. However this time we feel, both the symbolism of the hunger strike (to show solidarity with our Palestinian comrades), and the severity of it, will prove too much for university to stay complicit in the genocide.

What do we hope to achieve?

We hope that the strike will force the University to simply Boycott and Divest from Apartheid Israel:
-       - To boycott Israeli academics and educational establishments
-       - To divest from companies (such as CAT) which is responsible for the destruction of thousands of Palestinian homes

We will remain on hunger strike until the University at the very least agree to discuss this with us.

Until Victory,

Edinburgh University Communist Society

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